Are you ready to finally stop hiding and bravely become the thought leader you were destined to be?

Yes. YOU.

You have a unique message that only you can share and it’s time to be seen and heard for who you truly are.

You’ve experienced major setbacks, burn out, and moments where all you wanted to do was crawl into bed and hide from the world…yet, still you got back up!

Your vision board is filled with images of you getting interviewed on Oprah, speaking at large conferences, and starting a movement that inspires BILLIONS

You are consistently being told that there is something POWERFUL and MAGNETIC about you and you know deep within your gut that you’re meant to leave a beautiful legacy

No more hiding, playing small, and staying in the shallow end of entrepreneurship…you’re here to RISE!

And the world needs to hear your raw, real, and courageous message more than ever!

How I’ve Helped Leaders Like You:

“What can I say about Amanda that speaks louder than this fact: She got me featured on ForbesUnder30 and positioned as a specialist expert in my field.

This is the type of global coverage my peers could only dream of in my crowded industry. She not only has the connections but also displays the strategic view and sharp intellect that I have found so rare to come by. And she cares about the person, not just the brand – she’ll bring you to it and then bring you through it.

Amanda is one of my inner circle and I trust and admire her not only as a professional but a friend – if ever there was a one to watch it is her without a doubt!”Lucy Sheridan, HayHouse Author, Co-owner of #HigherSelfie, As seen in Forbes, Psychologies, The Numinous, Grazia, and 5x Oprah’s Life Class Guest

“Ah! Having Amanda as your arrow in this PR Visibility world is amazing! Here’s the thing I’ve been learning as I’ve been building my personal brand to over 60k followers collectively online in a year…that trying to do it all yourself is crazy and you can only go so far. When you work with people who master their niche early on, a.k.a. someone like Amanda, it’s priceless and absolutely necessary if you want to leverage your time, energy, and ultimately money effectively.

What I love about Amanda is she is a golden ticket! I don’t spend my days building relationships with editors of magazines & finding large audiences to leverage like she does –one strategic connection in PR from her and it lights a fire under your brand, opening up more opportunities, and more clients knocking at your door drooling to work with you (I say this from personal experience after she got me in Forbes).

The public image of your brand can build a reputation that adds massive intrinsic value that proves your stuff is on the rise and going places. She truly amplifies what you already have going on!”

Crystal Schreiner, Instagram Influencer, Visual Alchemist, and Branding Consultant, was pitched by Gary Vaynerchuk’s Influencer Team. As seen in Forbes, Success Magazine, Elle Magazine, Refinery 29, and Sports Illustrated

I create pr strategies, influencer connections, and mindset shifts for gen-z and millennial leaders on the rise (just like you!) who want to become INFLUENCERS & THOUGHT LEADERS

Ready to take your message beyond Facebook groups, beyond your industry, and into the world?




How I’ve Helped Leaders Like You: